To blog or not to blog

In the last few weeks I felt like I needed to write again and update this blog. Oh yes, I know this sounds like a cheap new year’s resolution and I know I have written these exact same words before, but this time I want to take it a bit...

Portland, OR

A few weeks ago I had the chance to visit Portland. Lightspeed opened a new office there so it was the perfect excuse to visit another city and another state! I have to say that I loved the place. In fact, I loved it so much that I’m considering moving...

Cupertino, CA

Yes, it’s great to be married to a girl who works at Apple. Great perks and sometimes you even get to visit the famous 1 Infinite Loop Headquarters. (The cake at Caffè Macs was just ok).


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Austin, TX

Lightspeed opened a new office in Austin and I got the chance to visit for a week. It’s a cool city with a fun nightlife, and probably the best meat I had in my life. Austin, I’m coming back next year!

Las Vegas, NV

After five years I came back to Vegas and I had the same old feelings. It can be really fun, it can be really expensive, and it is always overwhelming. I couldn’t stand all those lights, noises and people for more than two or three days, but hey, if you...