Agile anti-patterns that can harm UX

Agile was created by developers, for developers. Like an unwanted guest who never received a golden ticket to the magical Agile factory, design has never really got a look in. This, 100%. I have experienced all these anti-patterns during my career but, as the author writes, there are several ways...

RSSHub: RSS-ify everything

RSSHub is a useful online tool that generates RSS feeds for websites that don’t have one. That allows me to follow pretty much anything from my news reader (NetNewsWire) or my podcasts app (Pocket Casts).


This is the opening track of Jonathan Wilson’s album Eat the Worm, one of my favorites of 2023 and a recommendation of my good friend Eduard. The music video I’m sharing is amazing and it was created by Andrea Nakhla using AI stable diffusion.

Estate Sale

Last week, in one of my multiple moments of procrastination, I found on Craigslist an ad about an estate sale (for non-Americans, a general sale of all the material belongings in a household). Not something I’d normally be interested in, but the highlight of this one was a vinyl record...

The State of UX in 2024

An accurate report of the state of User Experience Design in 2024, a convulse year with waves of layoffs, a job market saturated, and the strong irruption of AI in the tech industry.

New site, who dis

November 2014. That was the last time I redesigned my personal website, and it was also when I migrated all the content from Textpattern to Jekyll. At that time I was doing front-end professionally and I wanted to reflect that in my website. Oh, I was so proud of how...

Testing, 1-2-3, 1-2-3

If you read this, well, thanks for reading! I’m updating my website and moving to a new domain, During this process, expect some things to be temporarily broken. And if you follow me using an RSS reader, you might want to update the feed to Thanks again!

How to share music (the complicated way)

I’m back into the habit of creating playlists of music I enjoy and, since I like to make things more complicated than necessary, instead of just sharing a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music, I’m recording mixes that I share online. Yes, it’s a lot more complicated, but also more...