What came first, the music or the misery?

If you know where that quote comes from, we are going to be friends! I am a huge music nerd, a record collector and a retired amateur DJ. Today, I spend my time listening to alternative rock, but my taste is quite eclectic.

Experiment in Terror

Experiment in Terror is a new podcast where I play music and I don't talk! I don't know if that makes this a podcast or just a collection of mixes, but it's fun to put together an hour of music I like. I started this project on Mixcloud but I quickly realized that, for easier distribution, it's better to publish this as a regular show in Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the rest of podcast platforms.

You can listen to Experiment in Terror here, and if you like it and you want to follow me, please subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts:

Experiment in Terror #3 - Cities

Second and final summer mix of the year. The silly theme is songs with city names, and it’s a fearless (maybe reckless) playlist with tracks from Scott Walker, The Clash, Thomas Dolby and others. Cheaper...

Experiment in Terror #1

First real mix with tracks from Destroyer, Ladytron, Caroline Polachek, Avalanches and more. It turned out a little bit more electronic and 90s that I wanted, but I hope you still enjoy it. Also, first...