December 07, 2019

The Friends of Rachel Worth

Carlos Cuéllar
Carlos Cuéllar @cuellarfr

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The Friends of Rachel Worth was the second Go-Betweens album I bought back in 2000. A year before, I discovered this Australian band thanks to a compilation CD called Bellavista Terrace, and they immediately became one of my favorite bands ever.

Last week I was listening to this album for the first time in a long time while at work, and after doing some quick online research, I discovered it was recorded in Portland, only a few blocks away from my office, and Forster and McLennan were joined in the studio by Sleater-Kinney! Then I thought of how random it is that so many of the albums I loved in the early 2000s were produced in the Pacific Northwest and how I ended up living here almost 20 years later.