July 21, 2023

Experiment #1 - Hello World

First real mix with tracks from Destroyer, Ladytron, Caroline Polachek, Avalanches and more. It turned out a little bit more electronic and 90s that I wanted, but I hope you still enjoy it. Also, first mix using my new dj controller and the app Mixxx (still getting familiar with both), so there might be some glitches here and there.

Carlos Cuéllar
Carlos Cuéllar @cuellarfr

Reading time: 1 min

Tags: indie pop lounge


  1. Henry Mancini - Experiment in Terror
  2. Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem pour un c… (remix 91)
  3. Destroyer - It Just Doesn’t Happen
  4. Ladytron - He took her to a movie
  5. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Sylvia Says
  6. Caroline Polachek - Welcome To My Island
  7. Saint Etienne - Like a Motorway
  8. Looper - Modem Song
  9. The Avalanche - Subways
  10. Leila - Won’t You Be My Baby, Baby
  11. Stereolab - Miss Modular
  12. Broadcast - before we begin
  13. Beth Orton- Stars All Seem to Weep
  14. The Flaming Lips -Will You Return / When You Come Down (feat. Micah Nelson)
  15. Cocteau Twins - Sugar Hiccup
  16. The Magnetic Fields - Take Ecstasy With Me

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